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Welcome to my personal website. Much of the following information and articles were last updated more than a decade ago—though I believe that their accuracy and value still remain. If you’ve come here from, you’ll notice that the content is much the same. This is because I have effectively closed the International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR). I’m in my eighties now and have retired from most of my research, save a few final projects that I’m committed to seeing through. My hope is that this website, and my many years of collected work, can be a resource for those interested in abduction research.



If you’re an abductee, or suspect that you may be, I hope that this website, along with my work, might be a guide to you in lieu of my personal support. While I try my best to respond to my many emails, unfortunately I cannot respond to everyone. I wish that I could. 



Now, more than ever, we need curious, disciplined, and courageous researchers and public figures to give their full attention to the subject. This means collecting meticulous, rigorous evidence, and following it wherever it may lead.






David M. Jacobs




One of the few volumes ever published on the subject that is worth reading.

- Arthur C. Clarke

Jacobs' first book, this scholarly work examines the history of UFO reports and societal responses to the phenomena in the United States from 1897 to the 1970s.

UFO Controversy
in America


Jacobs's work has given us a solid foundation of carefully documented experience upon which investigators can now build as we add to our knowledge and explore further the meaning of this puzzling and disturbing matter."

- John E. Mack, M.D., Harvard Medical School

The first in Jacobs' series, this international bestseller was the most complete exposition of the structure and meaning of the abduction phenomenon yet published. It remains the best introduction to the phenomenon.

Secret Life



He is a bona fide historian at Temple University--and a leading UFO researcher. He has interviewed, mostly under hypnosis, hundreds of people who say they have been abducted by aliens, and he thinks he's figured out why they are here."

- Kirkus Associates, LP, All Rights Reserved

The second book in his trilogy, Jacobs presents the first comprehensive evidence-driven hypothesis about why the aliens are here. The secret abduction agenda he reveals is ominous, but it must be confronted before it is too late.

The Threat


Most Recent Book

If enough of us read and pay attention to the evidence in this book, we might be able to avoid the disaster that its evidence portends.”

- Don C. Donderi, PhD, McGill University

The final installment of his trilogy, this book examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003: an alien integration action plan that has now kicked into high gear.

Walking Among Us


Investigators must always be exceptionally careful with the consciously remembered testimony offered by abductees. Even elements that appear mundane, plausible, or obvious to an investigator must be placed under the same scrutiny as all other elements of an event. These are five of the most common c

It is more appropriate not to ask, "How could they get here?", but rather, "Are they here?" How they got here is ultimately an engineering question and is unanswerable. Getting sidetracked into arguments about the technological processes by which an advanced civilization has managed to traverse spac