Abductee Resources

All abductees share the same catalogue of bizarre experiences: from strange unexplained scars to periods of missing time and fragmented memories. While most will never realize what has been happening to them, some will begin to put the pieces together. 

When researchers first looked into the phenomenon, they were shocked by the similarities between individual accounts. After decades of study, recording thousands events, we now have a clear sense of what a normal abduction looks like. ​

Memory is tricky. Normal memories can be difficult enough to recall. But remembering UFO and abduction memories can be far more difficult. This is because abductees are not supposed to remember what has happened to them. Forgetting is part of a systematic attempt to keep the abduction program a secret. And this tactic has been extremely successful. 

Deciding to investigate the origin of bothersome UFO dreams, memories and experiences is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The choice could irrevocably alter your life. If you learn that you actually have undergone UFO abduction experiences, there will be no turning back.

Selecting the right investigator is a critically important part of your recovery process. But many investigators lack the proper training or standards to adequately help. And some may be looking to push their own beliefs onto your experiences. You must know what to look out for first. 

There are many misconceptions about proper hypnosis. It is not and never should be a loss of consciousness or control. Instead, it is really nothing more than a process of deep relaxation and concentration to help you focus on the events you were never meant to remember.